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Dr. Joachim T. Maurer

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Data Protection

While accessing the general information of the European Academy of Sleep Medicine , information about user accesses is saved solely for statistical reasons, and is saved anonymously in protocol files. Only the fact of the access and the selected document are collected. A reference to the person of the user is always eliminated. Single user profiles are neither created nor pseudonymized. Cookies are not set.

External Links

You will find several links (=cross references) on the pages of the European Academy of Sleep Medicine, also via banners of clinic external pages of a third party. These are marked as external pages. During the activation of those links, a new window is opened, and the user is directed to the offers of the third party.

For direct or indirect links to external internet pages, which are outside of the responsibility of the hospital, liability would only be given if the European Academy of Sleep Medicine had knowledge about the contents of those pages, and if it was technically possible and reasonable for the hospital to prevent the use in case of illegal contents. Therefore, the European Academy of Sleep Medicine declares explicitly that the relevant linked pages, have been free of illegal contents at the moment of linking.
We have no influence on the current and future design and on the contents of the linked pages of those third parties. Therefore, we distance ourselves explicitly from all contents and linked pages that have been changed after the linking.